How to order

We currently accept 2 payment methods : Bank Transfer and Paypal. Since our prices include express shipping (EMS), there is no fuss : just calculate the total amount of your order and proceed to the payment (our bank accounts informations are below).

Bank recipient Branch Account number

If you have a Bank account in Thailand It is safe, easy and fast : the best way is to use the Internet Banking of your bank and add us as a 3rd party account. Then, you can proceed with bank transfer. If you don’t have a Bank account in Thailand Step 1 : enter a Bank with english speaking staff (you have more chance in tourist area). Step 2 : inform the clerk that you want to do a Bank Transfer. Step 3 : Fill the transfer form with the clerk help. It’s finished ! Don’t forget to inform us about the transfer so we can check payment reception and dispatch your order asap.

 How to pay via paypal

Following receipt of your order, we will send you a paypal money request

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